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Summer Solstice Transformational Healing Meditation

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Join Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch® in this transformational meditation, spreading healing light, love, peace and compassion together on this Summer Solstice, a day of light, whether the longest or shortest day of the year for you. 

Prepare by taking a few deep breaths and exhaling, settling into your heart space with slow, even and relaxed breaths. Breathe in and breathe out for 5 breaths, coming to a still place inside. Expand your heart with joyful and loving memories, filling with light. If you know the Hara Alignment Meditation to raise your vibration further, add that now.  

Begin with yourself, sending and receiving your own love, healing energy and forgiveness.  Allow your heart to open and expand as you become lighter. 

Setting Intention for Peace, Healing and Forgiveness
We invite you to set your intention for compassion, peace and healing for all beings, all animals and all aspects of our earth, air, water and the universe, for the highest good of all. 

Group Healing Consciousness
The vision of Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch® is to Spread Healing, Light and Love, Creating Wholeness on Earth. Continue to breathe and connect with the compassionate, peaceful, healing vibration of Healing Beyond Borders, creating a group healing consciousness. From this place, reach out energetically and connect to all groups of similar vibration who are meditating for peace and healing today.  Feel the mass consciousness of peace and light increasing. 

Radiating Healing, Spreading Light
Begin to radiate healing light from your heart, from a place of deep love and gratitude for all your life experiences and connections. Exude loving, healing energy, peace, healing, feelings of gratitude and forgiveness for all beings and aspects, for the highest good of all.  Offer this peace, healing and light to all you have interfaced with, and extend this intention to blanketing the world with the offering of peace and compassion. Consider adding this to your daily meditation to brighten the world.

With Love and gratitude, Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch®