India - Auroville


In September 2004, Marty Rather, BFA, CHTP/I and Ruth Muhr, RN, CHTP/I traveled to Auroville, India to teach Healing Touch. Goals included continuing the HT coursework begun by Kathleen Rosemary and Savitri Kumaran and to ultimately find the person who will become their local Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor.

Ruth Muhr and Dan Snyder also taught in Auroville at Verite Hall, a beautiful round building complete with wrought iron chakra window coverings in Auroville. Marty Rather and Margaret Leslie taught on the rooftop of a building at the Mohanan Cultural Center in the village of Sangivinagar. Sixteen students including people from eight different countries were in the classes. According to Ruth "The people absolutely glow, appear universally friendly and helpful, and are truly India's gift to the world."

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