Carol Schoenecker RN, BSN, HNB-BC, CHTP, CHTI

I started my journey with Healing Touch in 1992 becoming a CHTP and CHTI, teaching many classes over the past 20 years. I had the opportunity to be the Coordinator for Integrative Therapies for 5+ years at the University of Minnesota Medical Center which gave me a rich experience. I would like the opportunity to serve on the Board in gratitude for what Healing Touch has given me and continue to spread Healing Touch into many cultures here and throughout the world.


I bring the following skills to this role:

* Registered Nurse for 50+ years
* Certified Midwife in England - 1970; Nurse-Midwife in Kenya, East Africa for 3 years
* AHNA member since 1986
* Co-founder of Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association - 1987
* Spiritual Director since 1996; Taught in the Spiritual Direction program for 6 years
* Helped bring Healing Touch to Minnesota in 1992 and coordinated many classes
* CHTP – 1996; CHTI - 1997
* As an instructor, taught over 200 classes (Courses 1-5)
* Mentored over 50 students moving from Course 4 to Course 5
* Committee Member of the Instructor Training Application Committee 2012-2017
* Served one year as Chair of the above Committee
* Worked at University of Minnesota Medical Center as Coordinator of Integrative Therapies for 5+ years


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