Wilma Bijl RN, CHTP/I

Hi, I am Wilma Bijl,Wilma
In 2012 I was introduced to Healing Touch. During the first day of the course it became clear to me how Healing Touch can contribute to the well-being of the client and was amazed that the nurses do not learn this during their training. The answer then was “Then you need teachers to teach the nurses this”. For me this was the answer to continue with Healing Touch with the aim that Healing Touch will be integrated within healthcare in the Netherlands.
In 2013 I went to the USA for the first time to attend the congress. Here I immediately felt at home and saw what a large organization behind Healing Beyond Borders. An organization that stands for people, that puts people first. In 2016 I became an instructor module 1 and my ultimate goal is to become an instructor module 5.
Healing Touch has personally brought me so much in recent years that cannot be described in words. I take this experience with me during my seat on the board to continue spreading Healing Touch in the Netherlands / Belgium and then Europe to all over the world.
I have been working in health care as a nurse for 30 years, both in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Currently, I am the owner of the Complementary Care Course Center (2013) for providing lessons in the field of complementary care, specializing in Healing Touch and since 2020 as an independent nurse working in home and palliative care (Florence home care).
In 2011 I became a member of the VenVN (Association of Carers and Nurses), department of complementary care. And I was a board member there for 8 years. In addition, I provide the lessons complementary care for carers and nurses and Healing Touch module 1 and 2.
In 2014 I founded Healing Beyond Borders Europe with the aim of spreading Healing Touch within Europe. Five years later this has blossomed into a platform healingtouch-in-the-netherlands which is increasingly being rolled out by a number of volunteers in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In 2019 I wrote a case report on Healing Touch in Parkinson's together with 2 other nurses / CHTP. By writing such a report I have become even more aware of the beneficial effects of Healing Touch. A nursing intervention that is so honest and so beautiful! Where the outcomes are valuable.
For a number of years there has been a need to have a year course complementary care for carers and nurses in the Netherlands. I developed this in 2019 and it is accredited by the VenVN. During this training, all nursing complementary care interventions that are recognized by the VenVN in the Netherlands come in handy. Here the students are introduced to Healing Touch, among other things, resulting in new students for Healing Touch.
One of my goals is to make Healing Touch accessible to the people who can learn best in their own mother language. To spread Healing Touch within the Netherlands / Belgium and across borders. As a board member I will take the questions / comments from the students / teachers / professional field to the board in order to create a connection with all members of Healing Touch.
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