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The Impact of the Pandeminc on Course Work & Professional Development

January 22, 2021
The Impact of the Pandemic on Course Work and Professional Development
While vaccines are on the horizon and 2021 brings promise for potential resolution, the COVID19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the ability of our students and instructors in training to progress forward with their goals toward certification. Based on feedback received during our virtual conference this year, as well as input from the Instructor Training Committee, the Board of Directors has discussed these issues and made the following decisions to aid the professional development of our students and instructors.
Practitioner Certification
One question that came up during our virtual conference this year was regarding the inclusion of distance healing sessions in case studies (Certification Criterion 6). The Board is temporarily allowing one distance healing session to be included in one of the two case studies submitted for certification. Applicants for certification must ensure that the distance healing session adheres to the framework for a Healing Touch session and that such adherence is well documented in the write up. This temporary modification to the case study requirements would be in place until the January 15, 2022 certification application deadline and will be re-evaluated after the October 15, 2021 certification application submission deadline.
Another question that came up was related to the use of distance healing for healing modalities (Certification Criterion 3), for example a distance Reiki session or healing modalities delivered via video conferencing. As written, the certification guidelines do not limit healing modalities only to those delivered in-person. However, as with any healing modality included in the certification application packet, group sessions, routine allopathic care delivered via telehealth, or the use of a device that is unmonitored do not qualify.
Course 5 Homework
Last year, the Board of Directors approved an increase in the number of distance healing sessions (up to 15) that could be included in the documented sessions completed between Courses 4 and 5. Given the ongoing impact of the pandemic, the Board is temporarily increasing the number of distance healing sessions that can be used for homework to 30. This temporary increase is in place through December 31, 2021 and applies to those students who complete Course 5 in 2020 or 2021. Students who take advantage of this temporary change would need to apply for certification by the January 15, 2022 certification application submission deadline. It is recommended that these sessions include some type of monitoring and/or interaction with the person receiving the session, such as via video conferencing for the intake and debrief. The distance healing sessions must adhere to the framework for a Healing Touch session. The Board will re-evaluate this number after the October 15, 2021 certification application submission deadline.
Instructor Training
Given varying public health restrictions related to the size of gatherings, the required minimum of 6 students in a class used for teaching experiences for instructor training might be an issue. The Board is temporarily reducing the minimum number of students per class to 4 for teaching experiences. This guideline will be in place until December 31, 2021 and will be re-evaluated on or before that date.