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FAQs for upcoming Virtual Conference

Healing Beyond Borders Virtual Conference FAQs

Why is the virtual conference spread over 10 days?

We want to offer participants the best virtual conference experience possible! Our conference will include live sessions and on-demand recorded sessions across the entire conference period. Spreading the conference over multiple days allows us to schedule sessions across reasonable blocks of time to decrease screen fatigue. AND, it will give you the necessary time to participate around diverse work schedules.

Additionally, our Healing Touch community spans the globe, which means we have to account for participants in multiple time zones. Spreading the conference over a longer period of time gives us the opportunity to schedule live sessions at times that work for our global community.

Has the program changed?

We are working with all of our previously confirmed speakers and presenters to transition to this virtual offering. Our goal is to include everything in our general conference program, which can be accessed on our website conference page. We are also working to expand offerings using the virtual platform to allow for more interaction and engagement of participants! We’re very excited by the possibilities!

When will the new virtual conference schedule be ready?

We will publish our virtual conference schedule as soon as all of our speakers and presenters are rescheduled!

What time of day will live virtual conference sessions happen?

Events will be scheduled throughout the virtual conference period. Live sessions and events will be spaced at different times to cover our global community. In some instances, live events will take place twice to cover multiple time zones.

What if I miss a live virtual conference session?

All live events will be recorded, so it’s virtually impossible to miss any of the sessions completely! No more choosing between competing sessions! You will be able to view ondemand sessions at your leisure, and this will be available throughout the month of October.

Will Continuing Education credits still be available?

Continuing Education (CE) credits will be offered. And because participants will be able to take part in all sessions (both live and recorded), the amount of potential CEs is expanded!

What special equipment do I need to watch the conference?

You will need one of the following: your desk top computer, laptop, IPad, Android phone or IPhone to be able to watch and participate in the events. Virtual sessions are accessible from any of these devices. All your session streams and recorded videos will be in one place. Sessions Accessible from Any Devices.

How will I get connected to the virtual conference?

Prior to the start of conference, you will be given a link to the virtual conference home page that is specific to you through the duration of the conference. All your sessions and recorded
videos will be in one place with one simple sign on.

Is the conference home page difficult to use?

The conference site is very user friendly and as simple to use as social media platforms. On the home page, you will find a schedule of events, helpful tips, a place to put up your profile, chat with other attendees, schedule a gathering of your friends, and more! You can easily click to view previously recorded, on-demand events or connect into live events that are happening now, in real time.

What is the cost of the virtual conference?

We wish to make this event available to anyone and everyone throughout the world. After much consideration, we have priced the event at $275 USD for Healing Beyond Borders Members / $325 USD for Non-Members. For members, this averages approximately $3.75 per continuing education contact hour; for non-members, this averages approximately $4.35/continuing education contact hour. As many of you are aware, if you take advantage of all the offerings, this is a remarkable and unprecedented educational value.

Can you explain the 10% discount on professional development offerings?

If you register by July 31, 2020 (our previous early bird registration date), you will receive a 10% discount on all professional development offerings through July 31, 2021. This will include our former in-person 2020 pre-conference events, as well as several other events yet to be created, that will be offered as virtual events over the next year.

If you have any further questions, please contact our office staff @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.