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Hawaii - Oahu


The first all Japanese class was taught January 19-20, 2005 on Oahu, Hawaii. Twenty-three students attended the class taught by Lori Protzman CHTP/I with the aid of a translator who is also a Healing Touch student. Lori was elated that the students really understood the energy of opening the heart to do this work. Their leader is a Reiki Master, who connected with Lori during a tour of Kaiser in Hawaii last year, and inquired about our classes. He decided to bring back this group of students from his school of healing in Japan to take the Healing Touch class in Hawaii. Student ages ranged from mid-20's to mid 50's.

They have all had some background in holistic therapies of various kinds, and were familiar with chakras. Lori said assessment of the energy field was new to them. Their group translated the Level 1 notebook into Japanese. The "icing on the cake" was Myra Tovey's RN, CHTP/I arrival at the class for the final hour. As she walked in, the students were doing the chakra spread to the "Beloved" sung by her husband, David. Lori introduced Myra as one of the "founding instructors" and the class was very impressed and delighted to meet her! Myra said it was an incredible welcome to Hawaii as she prepares to go on the cruise.