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India - Nagapattinam

June 2005

Christina Dougherty, CHTP, boarded a plane for India with only a round trip ticket in her hand and a contact name.  The rest was a matter of trust.  She was following an inner call to provide Healing Touch for those traumatized in the tsunami in India.

As a water lover and someone who grew up swimming and sailing Lake Michigan, she was horrified to hear of the tragedy and the intense fear of the water that people now had.  She knew that she must go, and through a connection at her local Rotary club, made contact with a Rotarian in India who lined up families where she could stay.   

Upon arrival, she was stunned by the devastation and impossible living conditions.  In one small village, 10,729 people died and 5,000 bodies were never recovered.  Thousands of survivors, picked up and dragged by the wave, were left with multiple injuries along with significant emotional trauma.

Christina stayed three weeks and provided Healing Touch in four tsunami camps and two hospitals, as well as giving HT sessions to many additional individuals that she met along the way. One woman, who had been dragged through the water by the wave, was so terrified that she was unable to leave her small shelter.  Christina provided HT and taught her self HT, and when she saw her several days later walking outside, she was greeted by a huge smile and a hug.  No words were necessary to express the gratitude.

The trip was meaningful in so many ways to Christina, who learned how to eat with her right hand with no utensils (she is left handed), learned to take her shoes off and walk barefooted, and experienced the resilience of the human spirit and the joy of service.  Some day Christina may go back and reunite with the land and people that touched her.  But until that time, she will carry the rich memories of a people who were open to her assistance and receptive to the energy of Healing Touch.