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Peru - NaNa Nagle


The Woman's Center "NaNa Nagle"  was built many times over.  Each year the government came to the settlement and cleared the land so they could put down another foot of dirt to cover this land fill.  This went on for 8 years until it was decided that 8 feet was enough to cover this dump.  Now the buildings could become permanent.  By this time the women knew how to build a center that contained class rooms, healing rooms, sewing rooms and a lending library.  

Healing Touch classes are taught here at least monthly and sometimes more.  Practice sessions take place weekly and women come from 5 to 15 miles away.  The community people and leaders also come here for HT sessions.  It is known as a place of peace and healing.  The women of the community are the owners of this center.  They have a board of directors and they hire the staff.  Everyone benefits from this arrangement because there is no other employment for them.  There also is very little medical help for this community since it is mostly displaced people from the mountains.  We found them to be very open to Healing Touch and loving towards us.  We were welcomed into their homes and given gifts.  

One woman told of how she wanted to treat her husband who complained of a back pain.  He said he doubted that it would help but then maybe it would help him to sleep.  He did sleep well after the treatment and the next time he had the back ache, he asked her to treat him again.  He never thanked her for the treatment or commented on it but he did start bringing his friends to her if they had a ache or pain.  Finally one day her daughter said to her that she thought Dad had changed.  How so the mother asked.  Well, he is happier and kinder these days and "I think it is because of the Healing Touch treatments".  Our student thought so too as she smiled and blushed.