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South Africa - Cape Town

Yebo Gogo (Yes Grandmother) Project in South Africa, 2-05

In February 2005 Mary Frost, RN. HNC, CHTP/I and Robin Goff, RN, CHTP/I returned for a second time to bring hope and Healing Touch to South Africa. They were joined on this trip by Linda E. Smith and Arman Codianne. Last year they named the Project, "Yebo Gogo", which in Zulu means "Yes, Grandmother", in honor of the huge number of women caring for their grandchildren whose parents have died of AIDS. Now GOGO is an anacronym for "Grandmothers United in Global Oneness".

The focus was to teach Healing Touch techniques to caregivers of persons suffering from and dying of AIDS as well as those who care for some of the millions of orphaned children in Africa. They traveled to Johannesburg, Soweto and Cape Town to teach, and distributed donated medical supplies and gifts sent to the children made by American school children.