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Thailand - Bankok


Touched by Thailand
By Savitri Kumaran RNC, CHTP/I and Annis Parker RGON, DipEd, ADN, CHTP/I

We were invited by Dr. Ladawal Ounprasertpong to speak on Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions which was held in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2006.  Dr Ladawal had taken a Level One Healing Touch class with Savitri in Honolulu several years ago.  

Our work in Thailand began with an eight hour Introduction to Healing Touch class.  Our organizers apologized for the small turnout - only 75 nurses gathered for this pre-conference workshop! 

The conference was co-sponsored by Yale, Temple Hill, and Madilol Universities and attended by approximately 500 health care professionals from 17 different countries.  We offered a two-hour break-out session on Healing Touch which was well attended, and we participated in a panel discussion "Complementary and Alternative Therapy for Chronic Illness for the entire group.  Savitri's presentation included Healing Touch International's power point presentation and demonstrations by Annis and Shivani.

This was the first experience with Healing Touch for this population and it was very well received.  

Savitri also taught a one-day class in Thailand which was attended by 75 participants. They were members of an Alumni association and a Complementary/Alternative Nursing association. Savitri had been invited to teach there by a woman who was studying in Honolulu and attended a Level 1 Healing Touch class.