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Over five thousand dollars was collected at the September 2007 Healing Touch International conference for the earthquake survivors in Peru.  Carol Reamer, BA, MA, CHTP/I from Lima, Peru, attended the conference on a Healing Touch International scholarship, and received the funds to take back with her.  We recently received these photos with the thank you letter and updates below. 

"Thank you all for the very generous donation made by the Healing Touch family at the recent conference to the earthquake victims in Peru.  Your care and support is greatly appreciated and valued. 

We have organized our Healing Touch and Energy Medicine therapists to go to the earthquake zone one day a week to offer therapies to the people there.  These photos show some of the reality.  Our services were deeply appreciated as the people have been left without anything.  Lots spoke about fear, insecurity and desperation.  Beautiful people with big hearts.  They offered us fish and rice after we finished our therapies.  Out of their poverty they were able to feed us.

The trip down in the bus is about three hours from Lima to Chincha. The destruction in Chincha is terrible as it is in all the earthquake zone. The houses were all made out of mud brick and with the earthquake everything was destroyed. One mother told of how she rescued her children who were buried up to the waist in fallen mud bricks. It was very fortunate that the earthquake was early evening as most people were awake and could run out of their homes before they fell.

Hope that the photos will help to tell the story of how Energy Medicine and Healing Touch are helping to bring healing to many of the victims of the earthquake here in Peru. 

Thanking you,  Marg Kehoe" 

October 10, 2007. This is an update from Carol Remer on how the funds were used.  

"We gave it to two groups.  The first is a community of Spanish Dominican Sisters who live in one of the hardest hit areas.  They continually give food supplies to 30 soup kitchen type groups, called common pots, where people take turns cooking for their group.  They feel that the way the common pots have been organized by the parish has made it possible to reach more families, and at the same time they are stimulating mutual support among the people and their looking out for each other.  Clothes and blankets and tents have also been distributed.

The other part we gave to the National Conference of Religious Women and Men in Peru.  They have been better organized than most other groups at distribution.  The Conference has also been working for the entire 2 months with food, clothes, blankets, tents, psychologists, doctors, whatever is needed.  They continue to be the organization that has been faithful to accountability to the donors to explain what they have sponsored and continue to sponsor.  Now much of the help is being used to help pay for trucks and bulldozers to clear away some of the rubble from the streets after families have moved it from their land by hand in order to receive modular rooms as temporary homes against the cold nights. 
This Monday October 8, 2007 they suffered another 4.8 to 5.0 earthquake in the same area.  You can imagine the screams and fears of people who lived through dozens of earthquake and aftershocks in these 2 months. 
Marg and Eileen and several others trained in Healing Touch and Energy Medicine now take turns going to Chincha, one of the areas most affected, once a week to do treatments.  It's making a big difference--for the people who live there and for our people doing the treatments. 

We'll keep you posted.  Carol