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Marcy Baruch

MarcyBaruchMarcyandGayanMarcy Baruch

If the stars could sing a love song, they might very well sound like the voice of Marcy Baruch (Bah-Roosh!) Filled with radiant warmth, passion, and honesty, her music is born of one soul-mission: to remind us of the wondrous magnificence of who we truly are.

Refreshing in scope, Marcy’s songs embrace the listener in vivid colors and textures through a number of styles. The sounds of Scottish bagpipes, the sparseness of Americana-style folk odes, the lushness of piano-based orchestral numbers, a cappella hymns, and chants of devotion—all have their place in an evening with this soulful, engaging musical artist. Those who enter into the experience often leave feeling as though they have been seen in their core by the vast love of an intimate universe.

Upon the release of her third CD, The Strength of Love, Marcy’s song “This Inner Space” received the emPower Music & Arts Posi Award for the best healing song of the year. Emmy nominated producer Steve Avedis, whose clients include Tony Bennett and Kenny Rogers, exclaimed, “You’ve got to hear this woman. Her voice drew me in right up front with its silky-smooth, sultry quality; she is like no one else I have ever heard.”

Her intimate mastery of deep listening has made her a sought after studio and live-harmony vocalist whose harmonies have graced over 50 recordings.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Marcy co-leads “Igniting the Fire of the Heart,” a dynamic chant and Kirtan event offering medicine songs from spiritual lineages around the world.

She is also passionate about her work as a vocal coach, helping people bring forth what is most true and vibrant within them.