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2023 Annual Conference

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We just completed our 2022 virtual conference on December 31, 2022
Thank you to all those who joined this wonderful conference!
HBB 26th Annual International Energy Healing Conference & Leadership Meeting
"Moving into Presence: Embracing the Future"

October 14-23, 2022 viewed through December 31, 2022
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78.5 Contact Hours CE were Approved!


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About Our Theme:"Moving Into Presence: Embracing the Future"

Presence is a Core Foundation of Healing Touch

Joellen Koerner RN, PhD, FAAN, writes, “There is nothing in this world that does not involve a movement toward the soul.” She further notes, “Our presence can facilitate or hinder others in their healing efforts. Only in transpersonal relationship can each become the carrier of healing energy and love, facilitating the movement towards wholeness of both in their own unique way.”  (Koerner, J. 2011)

Presence has been described by theorists, practitioners, spiritual teachers and theologians as an interpersonal, intrapersonal, and transpersonal phenomenon. As you move toward being a healing presence, there is truly only one place to begin – with yourself. Begin by opening to your individuality, your humanness, your prejudices, your brokenness, your vulnerability, and ultimately, your wholeness.

There are practices and skills that support our capacity to move into presence, to be fully available as an instrument of healing for others and ourselves.

Time: Past, Present, Future

Physicists describe time as an illusion and that there is no past, present and future; rather they all exist concurrently. Einstein hypothesized that time is the 4th dimension within his Theory of Relativity; and space (consisting of 3 dimensions) and time are inseparable.

British physicist Julian Barbour, believes that change is real, and the illusion of time is only a reflection of change. Through change, our brains construct a sense of time as if it were flowing. He proposes that “all the evidence we have for time is encoded in static configurations, which we see or experience subjectively, all of them fitting together to make time seem linear." (Kuhn, R.L.,.2015) 

Huw Price, Professor Emeritus at the University of Bonn and Emeritus Professor in Philosophy at Cambridge University, claims that the three basic properties of time come not from the physical world but from our mental states: Time is a present moment that is special; some kind of flow or passage; and an absolute direction and difference between past and future. (Price, H., 2022) 

From Presence, we have access to past and future within the Now, a place in which healing occurs. In Healing Presence, we honor the Past, our heritage of ancient wisdom and its foundation for living harmoniously on the Earth. We ground within the Now, surrendering to Presence, awareness, and alignment. We explore and embrace the Future, fulfilling our collective vision of Spreading Healing, Light and Love, Creating Wholeness on Earth.

Our theme speaks to these concepts of Flow and Time: Past, Present, and envisioning and creating pathways to a Future in which all beings are whole. We consider how we may reach out and serve, both individually and collectively, those who are suffering: patients, caregivers, diverse cultures, the underserved, colleagues, health care professionals, health care systems and our global societies.


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