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CD: Calm as the Night, by Tami Briggs

$15.00 each


Music for deep relaxation and sleep

  Calm as the Night CD
By: Tami Briggs

"Calm as the Night" is a collection of solo harp selections by therapeutic harpist, Tami Briggs.  It is for deep relaxation and sleep. Each of the five 10-minute songs starts slow and continually gets slower and s-l-o-w-e-r. This is the musical principle of entrainment: our bodies synchronize with the music’s rhythm and gently move through the following four stages:

  • Pain Distraction/Focus on the Music
  • Reflection
  • Meditation
  • Sleep

Purchase of this CD supports the work of Healing Beyond Borders. Tami Briggs is granting 50% of all proceeds to HBB to further our non-profit mission.