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Sound Meditations

$15.00 each


Sound Meditations
by Margie Hallmark, CHTP

Relaxation is so important for our health and wellbeing.  Yet...our hectic, stressful world and lifestyles sometimes make it very difficult for us to relax.

The intent of this Sound Meditations CD is to help you relax by surrounding you with a soundscape of beautiful, harmonious tones.

Instruments: Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tingshaws, Rain Stick, Ocean Drum, Freenote, Chimes, Bells, Egg Rattles, Gong.

Music composed and performed by Margie Hallmark

  1. Rain and Waves     9:52
  2. Earth Tones     10:10
  3. Touch the Sky     16:12
  4. Heaven and Earth     15:19

Total playing time: 52 minutes