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3 turnsThree Turns of a Kaleidoscope
A 2-part LIVE Zoom class

Class size limited!!

Part 1 only - Dates TBD

  • 4 AHNA approved contact hours
  • This is a prerequisite for enrolling in Part 2
  • Class fee includes the textbook (international shipping rates apply)
  • HBB / AHNA member $110; non-member $130

Part 2 only - Dates TBD

  • Completion of Part 1 is a prerequisite
  • 4 AHNA approved contact hours
  • HBB / AHNA member $110; non-member $130

Combo Parts 1 & 2Dates TBD

  • Register for the Combo and save!! $$
  • 8 AHNA approved contact hours
  • Class fee includes the textbook (international shipping rates apply)
  • HBB / AHNA member $185; non-member $235


Bonnie Johnson RN, MS, HNC, CHTP/I

Bonnie Johnson is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor, Certified Holistic Nurse, and Child Development Specialist with over 50 years of experience in nursing, counseling and educating adults and children. She has a holistic nursing practice in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, she is the published author of numerous healing techniques, including the Amygdala Connection (with Marty Rather) and Three Turns of the Kaleidoscope: Healing the Victim Within. She extends her healing efforts toward the earth by planting and protecting trees.

Class Times (all classes): Eastern Time Zone

  • 2:00pm - 6:30pm

Content Summary:
The “DRAMA” is frequently active in many of us. In the professional field of psychology, much is written and taught about recognizing and changing this unhealthy way of relating, but little addresses healing the underlying wounds that give rise to the internalization of the “DRAMA”.

When immersed in the shadowy replays of past experiences that adversely affect present life, this healing process encourages persons to point the metaphorical kaleidoscope toward the light. As we turn the dial, the bits of information that make up the energetic pattern of the “DRAMA” re-order themselves and reveal a new design of self as safe (physical and emotional). Seeking more awareness, we turn the dial a second time and search for greater light. The bits of information re-pattern to shift awareness to learning (mental). Enhanced illumination and another turn provides a shift in perspective that frees us from repetitive and hurt-filled thoughts and behaviors and into living anew (spiritual).

This course offers a healing approach employing sacred geometry, questions, and energetic healing practices to illuminate and transcend the deep wounds contributing to high dramas and chaos in intra- and interpersonal relationships.

Participants review an overview of the 6-step process. Emphasis is on the energetic healing aspects: a gazing contemplation, the six-pointed star meditation, and healing techniques that energetically support the metaphorical 3-turns of a kaleidoscope.

Part 1 is specific to application of the training to support self-care

Part 2 (part 1 is a prerequisite) teaches how to use the information to support the healing of another.

Learner Outcomes:

  1. Apply the six steps, including the Six-Pointed Star Meditation, for transforming out of the drama pattern and into a healthy pattern of relating to self (part one) and others (part two)
  2. Recognize the energetic pattern of the “DRAMA”: mercurial, slow vibrations, stuck (especially root and sacral chakras) in oneself (part one) and patients (part two)
  3. Perform 3 additional specific energetic healing processes for supporting the transformation out of the drama pattern and into healthy patterns of relating to self and others (part one and part two).

Supplies Needed:

  • TEXTBOOK: Three Turns of A Kaleidoscope: Healing the Victim Within (Johnson, Bonnie Suzanne) 2008 – included with Part 1 tuition
  • crayons or colored pencils
  • graph paper and protractor with pencil

** If class is canceled, student will receive full refund less textbook fee

** If student cancels, refund is at the discretion of Healing Beyond Borders

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