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Map of Healing Touch Around the World

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Healing Beyond Borders Headquarters
Certified Healing Touch Practitioners
Certified Healing Touch Instructors
Level 4 or 5 Healing Touch Student
Healing Touch Classes
Healing Touch Clinic
Healthcare Facility
Healing Touch Service Program or Support Group

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Results of a search are determined by those who have chosen to be listed in the Online Directory. Therefore, the search may not reflect a comprehensive list of all Members. For more information, please contact the Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch™ office at 303-989-7982 or email
Please note: `Pins` on this map are determined by location. Therefore, if two or more items share the same address, only one `Pin` will pop up. For a complete listing of all items, please use our detailed searches listed under Find Healing Touch above.
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