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Monthly Research Director News

I hope you are all well. I wish to begin a monthly Ezine to you about Healing Touch Research and related topics and news.  Below are the installments in this monthly series.
Monthly Research news
Sue Hess PhD, CHTP, Research Director
 January 24, 2022
Biofield Research Interest Group
Hello and Happy New Year!
As a way of gaining a better understanding of biofield therapies, networking, feeling more connected, and promoting our mission to further Healing Touch and other energy-based research, I am continuing to offer a virtual Biofield Research Interest Group every 3rd Wednesday of the month (every 3rd Thursday of the month for Japan, Australia and New Zealand due to time zone changes).  
Virtual meetings begin at 7:00 pm Eastern time in order to include interested individuals from across the globe in different time zones.  If interested, please send an email with your biofield interests (Healing Touch or other biofield research, biofield publications, journal club papers or book clubs, networking, project development, etc.), any affiliations, and time zone you live in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

February Biofield Meeting
7:00 pm Eastern time
Wednesday 2/16/22 for N. & S. America and Europe;
Thursday 2/17/22 for Japan, Australia and New Zealand
Our biofield meeting in February will be a book discussion on Healing Ourselves: Biofield Science and the Future of Health by Shamini Jain, PhD. Several of the biofield group members were reading this recent book authored by the founder of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI). Dr. Jain has been a past keynote speaker at our HBB Conference. I put a link below to the amazon site describing the book. You can still participate in discussions if you don’t read the book. 
2022 Biofield Meeting Dates
7:00 pm Eastern time (N. America)

Meeting Dates for 2022
N.& S. America, Europe
February 16
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 20
August 17
September 21
October 19
November 16
December 21
Meeting Dates for 2022
Japan, Australia, New Zealand
February 17
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 22
October 20
November 17
December 22