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Ethics Process Summary


Since our inception, Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch®, as had an Ethics Committee as a standing committee of the Board of Directors. The Ethics Committee has standards and protocols that have always allowed them to fully investigate any ethical complaint. It is with great care, thoughtful consideration, and with checks and balances that this process is conducted. Throughout the process, the individual is kept informed and given the opportunity to review and respond. 

Certification is a privilege that is accorded to those who have met standard criteria and adhere to Healing Beyond Borders Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, Scope of Practice Statement and Instructor Guidelines. Healing Beyond Borders implements actions necessary to address any infractions of these codes and guidelines. Failure to comply with recommended actions will result in revocation of an individual's certification.

It is the duty of Healing Beyond Borders to uphold our standards in order to safeguard the public while protecting the character of all Certified Healing Touch Practitioners and Instructors.


The purpose of the Healing Beyond Borders Ethics Committee is to provide a mechanism for review of complaints regarding practitioners and instructors of Healing Touch. The Ethics Committee is a standing committee of the Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch®, Board of Directors. The committee has appointed members with educational background and/or experience in ethics.

Healing Beyond Borders has approved Standards of Practice, Scope of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Instructor Guidelines that are utilized as the criteria to review and investigate formal complaint(s).


All complaints or concerns must be received in writing prior to consideration by the Healing Beyond Borders Ethics Committee. Upon receipt of a complaint(s) or concern(s) regarding the professional conduct or practice of a student, practitioner, or instructor:

  1. All matters are confidential and only Healing Beyond Borders Ethics Committee and Healing Beyond Borders Board Members have access to this material in order to protect the individual under investigation and those who have been potentially harmed.
  2. The Ethics Committee conducts a preliminary review of the complaint(s) and if there is deemed sufficient risk to the public, if certified, the individual's certification(s) is placed under immediate temporary suspension.
  3. The individual is immediately informed by certified letter that a formal complaint has been received regarding any ethical breaches by the individual, and is notified of any action of suspension that is immediately taken.
  4. The individual is given the opportunity to respond in various phases of the process.
  5. The matter is then investigated fully and reviewed by the Ethics Committee.  The committee heartfully deliberates all aspects of the case and takes into consideration the severity of the complaints, the potential risks to the public, the potential for rehabilitation or remediation.
  6. Recommended action(s) are determined by the appropriate committees and boards.
  7. The individual is informed by certified mail of these recommendations and actions taken by Healing Beyond Borders.