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Membership Benefits

The Rewards of HBB Membership

Membership Benefits

  • Reduced tuition on HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program courses
  • Reduced fees on professional marketing materials
  • Reduced tuition on Annual Energy Healing Conference & Instructor Meeting
  • Savings on Research Brief, Health Care Integration booklet and PowerPoints
  • Free online Healing Touch Newsletter Subscription
  • $75 discount on Practitioner and Instructor certification and renewal fees
  • Savings on Healing Touch marketing brochures and other marketing items
  • Free website listing for CHTPs including your photo
  • Free website listing for CHTIs including your photo and classes

Your Membership Supports Global Activities

  • Certification of Healing Touch Practitioners (CHTPs) and Instructors (CHTIs) is widely recognized in energy therapy training and among our professional colleagues.
  • The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), a professional nursing organization, provides endorsement of the HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program. Having met predetermined criteria for endorsement, this recognition by AHNA provides recognition, value and credibility to the Healing Beyond Borders HTI Healing Touch Certificate Program.
  • Annual Conference: Healing Touch providers from around the world gather to connect with one another, to learn, and to be inspired.  Conference presenters are leaders in energy therapies, medicine, consciousness, and other fields, and bring deep wisdom and the latest information on trends and developments that relate to Healing Touch.  
  • Research on Healing Touch brings credibility to Healing Touch while expanding our knowledge base about this work.  HBB's Research Director provides consultation for those conducting research on Healing Touch, and HBB publishes a summary of research on our website, along with a Research Brief that provides a summary of topics on research and strategies for the future of Healing Touch. 
  • Integrating HT into healthcare systems is an ongoing priority for HBB.  Healing Beyond Borders Health Care Consultant provides holistic consultations for HT practitioners, health care professionals and administrators wishing to introduce HT into the health care system.  HBB also publishes a Health Care Integration booklet that summarizes models of integration and adjunct information necessary for this implementation. 
  • International Development: HBB supports the development of Healing Touch around the world by encouraging and promoting service programs and projects, through scholarship of international conference attendees, and providing an international development committee forum for dialogue.    
  • Instructor and Practitioner Development: Ongoing education is available for HBB Instructors and Practitioners through the annual conference, HBB Perspectives in Healing newsletter, and HBB website.  Instructors also benefit from updates and education provided at the annual instructor meeting.
  • Promotional Materials: HBB develops and makes available materials to promote your business including a practitioner brochure, press releases, a Power Point presentation, and HT day materials.
  • Community Outreach: HBB has exhibit displays at national conferences, and advocates for Healing Touch worldwide, while maintaining the website, a resource for information on Healing Touch and the professional window to the world.