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Crystal Wings Healing Art

The mission of Crystal Wings Healing Art, founded in 2003 by visionary healing artist and author, Barbara Evans, is to assist Humanity in the raising of frequency and consciousness, and in developing new ways of living and being in the world, based upon Wisdom, Unconditional Love, Peace and Unity.  Barbara is graciously giving 50% of the sales back to Healing Beyond Borders!

Cornerstones of Crystal Wings Healing Art are Barbara’s channeled creations, the Image Keys. These stunningly beautiful images radiate powerful, beneficial energies derived from sacred geometry, crystals, sound and color. The Image Keys raise the vibrational frequency of any space in which they are placed, providing the opportunity to raise Consciousness, promote Balance and unlock one’s Infinite Potential. They assist in manifesting our Highest Dreams, and help anchor Oneness, Joy and Abundance into our lives. The high vibrational art exemplified by The Image Keys, is now the foundation of a new energy healing approach, The Art of Raising Frequency.


Messages Of Universal Wisdom Book: A Journey of Connection Through the Heart
Messages Of Universal Wisdom
introduces the Image Keys, inspiring images which interweave sacred geometry and crystal energies. They radiate vibrations of the Higher Dimensions offering a gateway to Higher Consciousness. This book is transformational… discover how it can support the personal spiritual journey, and assist with planetary healing.

Thirteen Image Keys are presented in full color with descriptions of their creation. Affirmations, Poems and Decrees, together with inspirational channelings from ArchAngel Metatron and Mary Magdalene, accompany each Image Key.

Messages of Universal Wisdom Empowerment Cards A beautifully boxed set of 42 energetically active cards which create a deeply personal experience with the transforming vibrations of the Image Keys. They provide inspirational guidance to awaken deeper aspects of our true self, courageously step into our life purpose and consciously contribute to the creation of the New Earth. Includes instructions to create powerful Image Key Grids which provide sacred spaces, enhanced connection to Divine Guidance and greater alignment with our Divine Gifts.

The Empowerment Cards can be used to activate and empower our highest dreams!

Coloring for Joy is a unique coloring book for children of all ages, built around a series of mandala templates, beautiful images and positive key words, all combining to inspire feelings of Joy, Love, Hope and Self Confidence. A significant portion of the sales from this book will be donated to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. Jesse Lewis Foundation: After losing her son Jesse in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Scarlett Lewis knew that Jesse's message to the world is to choose LOVE over anger, and that her own life's purpose is to spread his message.

Connecting Through the Heart is an inspiring companion for hope and healing. Mandala templates, together with inspiring images and supportive messages, interweave to create an experience filled with positive frequencies of Healing, Hope and Harmony.

The Art of Raising Frequency User Guide is a beautifully illustrated User’s Guide describes the creation of a new energy healing modality, The Art of Raising Frequency, and how to use it within your daily life/healing practice to enhance and maintain the positive frequency shifts that are so vital for achieving and maintaining vibrant health.

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