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Foundations and Practice of Healing Touch (Course 1-5 textbook)


Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy (companion text)

Get a discounted rate when you buy the two books together: Student Textbook and Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy.  The blue book Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy is a highly recommended additional resource to reference when using the Student Textbook.

Combo Price: $63

Bought Separately: $68
   $40 Student Textbook
   $28 Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy

Healing Beyond Borders
Student Textbook

Authored by
Joel G. Anderson PhD, CHTP
Lisa C. Anselme RN, BLS, HN-BC, CHTP/I
Laura K. Hart PhD, MEd, RN, CHTP/I

This textbook provides state of the art educational materials for the instruction and practice of Healing Touch. It builds upon the ancient and contemporary sources supporting biofield therapies, taking the presentation, synthesis, and practice of Healing Touch into the future. This new text will serve as a resource and guide for students, practitioners, and instructors of Healing Touch and represents the Next Harmonic in Healing Touch education and practice.

Companion text to the Student Textbook
Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy

"I believe that energy therapies will be part of medicine and health care of the future. Healing Touch, supported by a body of research, has been part of the curriculum of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine since its inception, and I refer patients to it for enhancement of health and healing. This informative and thorough book is an excellent introduction to the field." ­-Andrew Weil, MD, author of Natural Healing

Enhance your life.
Learn how Healing Touch can benefit you personally or professionally.
This book is for those who are curious, interested, work in health care or healing arts fields.

Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy is a book of wisdom and guidance for those interested in learning about energy healing, holistic health care and further developing their skills. Forty-four contributors from around the world share expertise, experiences, passion, and caring exemplifying how to use Healing Touch to better our lives, community, and world.

"Healing Touch is a therapeutic energy work. I have benefitted immensely from Healing Touch and I recommend this wonderful modality to my patients. This book explains why it is so effective and the many ways Healing Touch can help you." -Steve Gurgevitch, PhD. Author and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine

"We fully endorse and support Healing Touch: Enhancing Life through Energy Therapy as an essential contribution to the field of healing and energy therapies. This text serves as a great reference to those persons interested in healing, Healing Touch and Integrated Health, including students, novice practitioners and experienced healers." -Healing Beyond Borders, Educating and Certifying the Healing Touch, Board of Directors

About the Authors
Diane Wind Wardell, nursing professor, conducts research on energy therapies. Sue Kagel provides Healing Touch for thousands at Canyon Ranch Health Resort and is faculty at University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine. Lisa Anselme is Executive Director, Healing Beyond Borders. They are certified holistic nurses and Healing Touch Instructors.