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Say It With Hearts

Tiny Hearts, Big Impact
Connect and make a difference in someone’s day one heart at a time!

Say It With Hearts is a 3-¾” x 2-⅜” x 3/4“ rectangular tin of 48 colorful message hearts. Each heart token is meant to be shared with someone offering unexpected moments of connection, acknowledgement, and reflection. There are a combination of 7 sayings as well as some blank hearts for personalization. The sayings include: “You are appreciated”, “Believe in yourself”, “You are enough”, “Follow your heart”, “ What are you grateful for today?”, “Wishing you peace”, and “You are worthy of love”.

Nancy Zucker, CHTP has graciously donated a percentage of her tins to Healing Beyond Borders and is a part of the Service Project Partnerships with HBB!

Check out to learn how Nancy got started handing out hearts and why she encourages you to join her! Enjoy reading the testimonials to realize the positive effects of being a giver and a receiver!! These tiny hearts create a big impact and help us ripple positivity, love, and healing throughout the world one heart at a time!

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