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Healing Beyond Borders Retractable Banner

$175.00 each

Must Select $25 Shipping Option for BannerInformation


Shipping of $25 is required for the purchase of the retractable banner.  This option must be chosen or the banner order is not complete.

Healing Beyond Borders Retractable Banner

Our retractable banner are made with a lightweight, simple design that literally can be set up in seconds. They contain a spring mechanism that works similar to a window shade. Just pull the banner out, and it's ready to go. The base gives it stability, yet it's lightweight and portable. Just release the spring mechanism, and the banner pops back into the base…no tedious folding or rolling. The base protects your banner from wear and tear during transport and storage.  Once you're done using the banner for the day, just pop it right back into the base and pack it with the rest of your marketing tools.  And you'll never have to contend with creases again! Each order comes with a carry bag.

Material: High Quality PVC Flex Vinyl
Weight: 5 lbs
Dimensions: 2.5'x6'
Travel Bag Included: Zippered nylon case for travel & storage free