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by Mary Szczepanski RN, MSN, CHTP/I


Strands. Maya is born in the year 2000, at the end of the Piscean Age, a time when the triumphs of technology provide comfort and convenience for the privileged, though many people are still impoverished and oppressed. As an Indigo child, Maya personifies the potential of the human race to move toward physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social evolution. With an enhanced DNA, she's destined to bring a new energy into the world.

As Maya grows, she learns to harness the power of intuition for healing. She can see into a person's soul and find the cause of distress. Using her presence and channeling healing energy, she reconnects people to themselves and their purpose. Even so, she often forgets her connection to the source of all energy and her commitment to help humanity evolve. Maya struggles in a profound paradox: her own fate is intertwined inextricably with the fates of everyone else.

She's not alone. Others with new DNA strands have their own gifts and visions of hope. They know intuitively the vast wealth to be discovered in spiritual connections among people. Although they cannot stop the drama of climate change and natural disasters, they establish new political systems based on respect and inclusiveness. One thing is certain: a new human consciousness is slowly evolving.