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Healing Touch Day Meditation

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Celebrate Healing Touch Day
March 6, 2024

March is Healing Touch Awareness Month!
Please join us in a 

World Wide Healing, Love, Light and Peace Meditation

Please join the leadership of Healing Beyond Borders in setting intention for the highest good for world and its inhabitants. We invite you to send healing, light, peace, calm and strength to the Earth and all those in areas affected by both natural and man made disasters. We invite you to participate at noon your time, March 6 and throughout this month and beyond, as you are able.  If this time is not convenient, please join in whenever it is convenient for you.  Together, we will create a rolling wave of Healing, Light and Peace.

 Being Peace and Whole and Radiating it through the World

  • Begin today.
  • Repeat this meditation daily until April 1, 2024.
  • Repeat as often as it enters your awareness.
  • Maintain a peaceful state within yourself.

 Speaking/Sharing Peace and Wholeness

  • Please forward this to as many people and contacts as possible throughout the world through emails, Facebook and Twitter.

 Feeling Peace, Being Whole

  • Focus on yourself and check into your emotional state right now.
  • Rate it 10 peaceful, to 0 agitated.
  • Focus on your heart and breath.
  • Breathe in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 5.
  • Your breathing is slow, even and relaxed. Continue this breath.
  • Begin to gently tap your feet, alternating feet, right and left, right and left.
  • State to yourself, “Even though I feel (fill in the blank) I love and accept myself wholly and completely. I am peace.”
  • Continue until you feel very peaceful, rating at a 10.

 Acting Peace

  • Allow your heart to expand with feelings of unconditional love, joy and peace. Call on your spiritual connection, if you are comfortable with this.
  • Focus on your breath and continue to fill yourself with peace.
  • See this energy of peace within you radiating out around the world to all sentient beings, the earth, all animals, plants, the waters, air, seeing all clear, whole and at peace.
  • Focus on areas needing calm and peace anywhere and everywhere.

 Creating Peace

  • Focus on allowing your peacefulness to radiate to others’ hearts and minds and beings. Allow it to radiate everywhere and to all things.
  • Feel Inner Peace. Be Peace.
  • Create Peace in the World.
  • Maintain this peace-filled state and return gently to it throughout the day.
  • Continue through April 1, 2024 and beyond.

When a critical mass of people focus on a similar intent, a shift occurs.

Be Peace.

Based on Wisdom Quest, Deepak Chopra on Peace

With gratitude, love and light, 
Healing Beyond Borders Board of Directors