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The Center for Journal Therapy
Kay Adams

Kay Adams is graciously granting a percentage of sales to Healing Beyond Borders.  She has continued to support Healing Beyond Borders and our non-profit mission of service and collaboration. Kathleen (Kay) Adams LPC is a best-selling author, speaker, psychotherapist and visionary. Her first book, Journal to the Self, is a classic that has helped define the field of journal therapy.  She has also written The Write Way to Wellness: A Workbook for Healing and Change, The Way of the Journal, Mightier Than the Sword, and Scribing the Soul.

Kay is a beloved teacher whose innovative work has helped hundreds of thousands of people heal, change and grow. Her dynamic presentation style is fluid, clinically grounded, intuitive and engaging. She is the voice of journal therapy at conferences, hospitals, mental health agencies and seminars around the world. A tireless advocate for the healing power of writing, Kay is a three-time recipient of the National Association for Poetry Therapy’s Distinguished Service Award. She was a finalist for the first Season for Nonviolence Peacemaker Award in Colorado for her work bringing journal therapy to populations as diverse as people with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer survivors, recovering addicts, and survivors of violent crime.

In an poll, Kathleen Adams was listed (with Anais Nin and Anne Frank) as one of the three most significant influences on contemporary journal keeping.

The Center for Journal Therapy was founded in 1988 by Kathleen Adams. It was incorporated in 2007.

To make the healing art of journal writing accessible to all who desire self-directed change.

The Center for Journal Therapy lives this mission through its many outreach efforts. Books, speaking engagements, workshops, consultations, audiotapes and papers bring Kathleen Adams’ wisdom to people and helping professionals everywhere. Popular media spreads the Center’s core messages through coverage in newspapers and magazines.

The Center for Journal Therapy is the premier source of education and training on the power of writing to heal body, psyche and soul.

Kathleen Adams is one of the living masters in the field of writing and healing. She shares her unique depth of understanding through consultation, program development, training, speaking, teaching, facilitating groups, coaching and counseling. Many of the programs are offered in the Center’s headquarter facilities in the foothills west of Denver. Retreats and intensives are held in the Rocky Mountains and other natural settings. On-site programs for hospitals, clinics, agencies, corporations and organizations can be customized for targeted outcomes.

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