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CD: Wisdom Ablaze

$15.00 each


Music by Beverly Rieger.

Wisdom Ablaze

Welcome to the wisdom music of Wisdom Ablaze.

Six Mayan flutes bring their unique song to this new album. Sometimes the Mayan flutes are solo instruments, and sometimes they are played with other Mayan flutes. They are a presence that calls forth wisdom and also plays wisdom's song. The Mayan flutes are joined in the various music tracks by drums, other percussion instruments, nature sounds and electronic and instrumental sounds.

Wisdom is a Being of Fire. It consumes and transforms everything that it touches. This music was created through this Being of Fire. The same Wisdom Fire is at the core of our being, and emerges to bring it's warmth to all whom we touch by our presence. It is gentle, it is active, it is at the core of earth and sky, and our hearts, and it is dancing into the world through us.

The Wisdom Ablaze CD is packaged in a digi-pack, which gives you the CD and the artwork in a handy package, but also reduces the recording industry's packaging emissions up to 66%. And... we will not be adding to the plastic jewel cases in our landfills.

Track 1: We Call Forth Wisdom

Track 2: Wisdom Sings Heart of Sky

Track 3: Wisdom Sings Heart of Earth

Track 4: Gaia's Love Song

Track 5: Wisdom's Fire Within

Track 6: Heart of Wisdom

Track 7: Dancing Wisdom Ablaze in the World